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When you’re looking for a homebuilder, trust is paramount. With all of the options in the marketplace, it can be difficult to find integrity, honesty, and a builder that is open to balancing creativity and providing straightforward, realistic advice that’s grounded in experience. Jim and James embody these qualities.  We had so much fun the first time around, that we’re back to do it again!  Along the way, we’ve gained one (and soon two) beautiful homes, along with a great friendship.

Justin Jozwik & Charlie Allen


Why should you build with us? That is a great question. I hope we can provide a little insight into the answer!

We will sit down with you and decide if we are a good match as the very first step. We do not expect to build for everyone we meet. Personalities are different. We look at building as a very personal relationship between our clients and ourselves. Some people simply do better in other environments.

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